Feelings & emotions

Feelings change from day to day for most people, but sometimes certain emotions or feelings just don't go away. CAMHS can help if you're facing significant mental health difficulties, but it might just be that you need a bit of help sorting out what's in your head. Find information and advice below on issues you might be facing, as well as tips on where to go for more help. You can also find out more about mental health difficulties that CAMHS can help with here.

A young person with his hands to his head

Feeling really stressed or anxious?

We all experience stress at times in our lives, but anxiety happens when your body starts reacting to a stressful situation or a worry in your mind

Feel like hurting yourself?

It can be so hard to express your feelings or deal with strong emotions, and these intense feelings can make some people want to hurt themselves on purpose

Feeling really low or sad?

Sometimes life can seem hard or you might feel isolated and really down. If sad thoughts and worries won’t go away, it can be time to get some help

Worried about an eating disorder?

Eating disorders can take over your life and the lives of your family and people around you – but there's lots of help available to support you

Self image

It's easy to feel pressure from our friends, family and social media to look or be a certain way. Find out how to work towards a positive self image here

Feeling angry?

We all feel angry at times, often with good reason, but anger can be a problem if you find it difficult to keep under control - read our tips for managing anger

Feeling different?

It's easy to look at other people and think everyone else feels they fit in, but talk to them and you will find that many people feel they're different in some way

Feeling lonely or isolated?

You might feel lonely or isolated if you're experiencing feelings that you don't think other people will understand, or are struggling with your emotions

Feeling tired?

Trouble sleeping and feelings of tiredness are common, and there's lots that can help, but tiredness that goes on for a long time might be a sign you need some help.

Has someone close to you died?

When someone you care about dies, there’s no right or wrong way to feel. It’s natural to have really strong reactions – and support is out there to help you

Worried about drugs or alcohol?

Misusing drugs and alcohol can cause long-term damage to your emotional, mental and physical health, so it's really important that you stay safe

Worried about bullying?

Bullying can take many forms, and can take place at school, home, online, or anywhere else. No-one has the right to bully you – find help and advice here

Facing family problems?

There are many reasons why families might change or break down, and it can be a difficult time for everyone when that happens. Find help and support here

A man with a beard

Worried about moving into adult care?

The process of preparing, planning and moving on from CAMHS can be a challenging experience but we will work with you to help

Looking after someone else

Do you spend time looking after a family member or someone else? It's important that you make sure you get the support you need if you do

An explosion

Has something terrible happened?

Sometimes bad things can happen that you didn’t expect or couldn’t control, and it can be difficult to know what to do – find help and advice here