Parents of children under 5

Mum and pram

The first two years of a child’s life, from conception to their second birthday, are really important in building a healthy brain and forming the foundations for happy relationships. All the experiences a baby has during these early weeks and months will help with this process.

The first two years of a child's life can also be an especially draining time for parents – children grow and change at quite a pace, and this can be exhausting and sometimes alarming! As your child approaches nursery and school the changes can be difficult for you and your child. Find out more here about getting ready for primary school here.

Most parents (especially first time parents) find things very challenging at times. Your child doesn’t need you to be a perfect parent – good enough is fine! – but if you feel overwhelmed or you need some extra support it is available. The links below might help – and remember to look after yourself too.

Take a look at our resources for parents for links to organisations that can provide support and advice.