Getting the support you need

Helping handsIt isn't always easy to recognise when you might need some support with a mental health issue, and it can be difficult to know where to go for that support too. The CAMHS service provides therapy and treatment to children and young people who are referred to us because they are experiencing significant mental health issues, but there are a lot of other organisations and resources out there that can help you too.

The first and most important step is recognising that you might need some help, and talking to someone about it – but that isn't always easy. Sometimes your friends or family might even notice that you need help before you do. Check out some of the signs below to keep an eye out for, as well as a guide to organisations and people locally who might be able to help, and some advice about how to talk to people about your mental health, in case you need it.

Here are some clues that you might be stressed, worried or needing some extra support:

  • Eating: Losing your appetite or wanting to eat more than normal
  • Sleeping: Sleepless nights, waking in the night or waking up early
  • Friendships: Avoiding your friends or needing extra distractions
  • Exercise: Feeling drained of energy, or exercising more than usual
  • Family: Your family or friends may have said they’re worried about you
  • Drugs and alcohol: Using these to try and cope with your emotions.

You can find advice on topics such as eating well, sleeping and keeping active in our section on Looking After Yourself.