Pebble Lodge Adolescent Inpatient Service

Photo of Pebble Lodge Inpatient Unit in Bournemouth

Pebble Lodge Inpatient Unit in Bournemouth

Pebble Lodge is a specialist unit on Alumhurst Road in Bournemouth, Dorset. Pebble Lodge provides 24-hour assessment, treatment and care for children and young people with severe mental health problems and those who pose a risk to themselves, others or their environment.

The unit has a homely atmosphere, designed to help young people recover in a safe, secure environment and to support their families/carers at the same time. Our care is tailored to each young person’s specific needs and can include individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy, as well as supporting their educational needs.

We treat young people from across Dorset, diagnosed with illnesses such as psychosis, personality disorders, phobias, depression, anxieties, obsessive-compulsive disorders, post-traumatic stress, self-harm, and Tourette’s syndrome.

Pebble Lodge is staffed by friendly, skilled professionals, including two consultant psychiatrists, learning disability nurses, mental health nurses, mental health support workers, psychologists, an occupational therapist, family therapist and art therapist. The team also includes young person's peer specialists from Dorset Mental Health Forum. Staff are all dedicated to ensuring young people return to their families/carers and community settings as safely and smoothly as possible.

Education professionals from The Quay School work with the Pebble Lodge health team to provide short or long-term education plans for each patient during their inpatient stay, based on their individual needs. Education is provided for Key Stage 3 or 4, with a focus on maintaining progress, developing emotional literacy, and where appropriate, developing functional literacy and numeracy. The Quay School also provides vocational courses at Pebble Lodge in areas such as hairdressing, catering and horticulture.

To be referred to Pebble Lodge you will need to meet the community-based CAMHS teams first.

Did you know?

In 2017, our CAMHS team based at Pebble Lodge was awarded QNIC accreditation, which means we are providing the highest level of care possible for our young service users.

QNIC stands for Quality Network for Inpatient CAMHS, and is run by The Royal College of Psychiatry, which sees peers across the country carry out rigorous inspections of mental health services in England.

Pebble Lodge is also rated as outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CDC) and the Quay School is rated as Outstanding by Ofsted.

Find out more about the accreditation on Dorset HealthCare's website