About your CAMHS appointment

If you are coming to CAMHS for the first time, you may feel a little anxious or worried about who you will see and how it will all work. The information below will tell you more about what to expect when you come to see us.

While you're waiting for your CAMHS appointment, you might find it useful to have a look around the information elsewhere on this website under What Can We Help With? and How Do We Help?  You can also find details of other organisations you can talk to while you're waiting to see CAMHS under What's in Dorset for Me?

If you would like to talk to someone at CAMHS but haven't been referred to us, it would be helpful to talk to your parents or carers first. You could also talk to another adult you trust such as a teacher at school, your school nurse, your GP or social worker and ask for a referral to CAMHS. Our advice on Getting the Support You Need will help you think about who you could talk to and how to start the conversation.

Hear more about what CAMHS is like, and how we can help, from Megan:

A smiling CAMHS staff member

More about your CAMHS appointment