Parents of children aged 5-11

A dad with his childrenAs children grow up, they deal with changes and different challenges all the time. Sometimes, that change can feel difficult and it takes time to adjust. You might notice some behaviours in your child during times of change or when life is feeling difficult, for example:

  • They might be especially clingy, tearful or reluctant to go to school
  • They might have physical symptoms like an upset stomach, feeling sick or a headache
  • Their sleep might be affected and they might wet the bed
  • They might be very argumentative or uncooperative.

If you're worried that your child needs some more support, you might find it helpful to talk to your GP, their teacher, or the school's Special Educational Needs Coordinator about your concerns. If appropriate, they will be able to refer them to CAMHS or another local organisation that can offer assessment and support.

Our guide for young people on Feelings & Emotions may also include relevant information you could look at together.

As a parent, it can be hard to know where to turn for reliable information and guidance, so the links in our Resources for Parents section might also be helpful.

If your child is having particular problems or worries and they're in need of extra emotional support, you might also find it helpful to look at some of the information below together.

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