Healthy eating

A rasberryHealthy eating isn't just good for your body - it's good for your mind too.

If you are overweight, it’s best to think about trying to keep your weight stable while you grow into your body, rather than dieting to lose weight. Food is important for lots of reasons, including:

Energy levels - Food provides your body energy. Eating well is important for balancing your energy levels.

Healthy body weight - Your diet is crucial when it comes to keeping your body healthy, including helping to keep you at a healthy weight.

Improving concentration - Eating well can improve your concentration and help you to keep a clear head.

These are all important factors when you’ve got a busy, demanding life. But eating well can be easier said than done. With so much advice out there it can be difficult to know what to listen to. Try to remember these five top tips for a healthier diet:

  1. Eat three meals per day. Don’t skip breakfast! Studies show it helps to keep you healthy
  2. Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day to feel more alert
  3. Try to eat five portions of fruit and veg every day
  4. Think about swapping sugary snacks for energy-boosters like dried fruit, nuts or a fruit smoothie
  5. Include carbohydrates, protein and some fats in each meal to give your body the right amount of energy and nutrients.

Mental health and your diet

As a young person, your body is going through many physical and mental changes. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will help your body to grow and develop properly – and support your mental health, too.

For more advice and information about how your diet can impact on your mental health, take a look at this guide on Eating Well & Mental Health from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

For more advice about eating well, visit the NHS guide to Healthy Eating for Teens.